sexta-feira, 16 de junho de 2017

On Spirituality, Religions, Pan, Plutarch, Chesterton, Mankind and Consciousness evolution.

    About the famous legend shared by Plutarch (46-119) in his book On the cessation of Oracles,  in which, during a trip on boat, it is heard a voice on the heavens saying to the pilot Tamus to anounce near the seashore that «Pan ho megas tethneke»the great  Pan has died», what being done caused a great cry of sorrow coming from land and Nature, happening that in the time of emperor Tiberius (42 A. C. - 37 D. C.), and that was interpreted by posterior Christians as the vanishing of Paganism under Christianity, the english writer  G.K.Chesterton has said, or better published in 1925 in his  The Everlasting Man It is said truly in a sense that Pan died because Christ was born. It is almost as true in another sense that men knew that Christ was born because Pan was already dead. A void was made by the vanishing world of the whole mythology of mankind, which would have asphyxiated like a vacuum if it had not been filled with theology.”  (In the chapter End of the World). 
      We can say also today that theology is dead, and in religions there is a vacuum inside their souls and people, where instead spirituality, inner experience, relation to the Spirit and to the Divine should be happening beyond the limitations and antagonisms of the old religions and their dogmas and creeds, specially Judaism, Christianism, and Islam.

Da vida mítica de Pan (gravura de Frank Short, segundo Turner) destaca-se a sua paixão pela ninfa Syrinx, belo símbolo da polarização da manifestação cósmica e da atracção sexual, kundalinica e amorosa, a qual pode dar mesmo origem sublimada aos cantos da flauta de sete canas ou nós de Pan, o Kosmokrator que faz ecoar os 7 planetas...
So it is not so much Pan that it is dead, as that word means etimologicaly the Whole, the Universal, Love and Fertility, the Divine omnipresence, at least as life, energy, information, consciousness, as the Unified Field of modern times hints, but are the Sacred Books that are dying as accepted or considered to be direct and perfect revelations of "God" to Mankind, as they are seen more and more in their human origins and with so many limitations, altought surely having good inspirations and teachings on ethics and spirituality, specially for the ones who can see, love and pratice them...

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